Conception of new song

Do you think of the "shape" and arrangement of the song before you start writing it? Or you just let your feelings flow? For me, when it comes to writing, the best way to write something meaningful is to start from the very beginning and turn off any other disturbances. Because what happens really often - is that I start in the middle of the song to record one idea, then another idea as a sequel of the previous theme. But then I start contemplating finishing the complete piece and that takes me to the dead-point. That's my block. Is there any advice for me, or am I totally helpless? :)

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  • For me, its a little of both. Depending on the piece and if it is a commission, a film score, or not (or if I have a particular thematic idea) determines if I am going to sketch out the piece before hand or not.
    Lately I have been trying to force me self to sketch out the piece before hand more due to the fact that I have had a real problem of not knowing how to end a piece, but not been really good at it.
    As far as advise, dont know myself, this is something I struggle with (mainly because Its hard for me to stick with my own plans :P) Either way, its good to sketch out the piece, but only if you need to (like me at times) as far as helping you, I think we are in the same boat.
  • I'm totally pleased. :) As for me - I'm not able come anywhere without (at least 30 min) delay. That means, that I'm giving an advice to myself to learn to be more responsible. :) That may be reflected in the music. And since I really like to compose progressive music, but not only rock music, but also orchestral, I should start every piece of music with clear mind. What I want is to show in my music is that rock music can be also deep. And that the art of music is still alive. I am totally into composing longer songs, epics, where I can use more moods (obviously connected with lyrics, if it's not an instrumental). In every part of music, I'm trying to show as most as I can. If I want to describe man's last seconds, I'll use something specific, which will make your mind think that you're in a hospital on the bed. If I want to show some kind of "angriness", I'll put anger in it. If I want to show chaos in man's mind, I'll use totally chaotic themes, chaotic tones - which is not easy for me, I have to learn a little bit more for that kind of stuff - any advice here? But I think, that what I'm trying to do, is pretty obvious for you and also all of us here.
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