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Hi all,

I am looking for a desktop computer to run Sibelius 7 on and someday FL 11, Symphobia 2, or other VST's etc.. (Can't afford these right now, but would love having them down the road). I'll pretty much be running the $99.00 version of Sibelius, pro-tools, and free or cheap VSTs I can find.

I found a guy on craigslist who is selling PCs for around $155 and they seem to exceed all of the system requirements for Sibelius, but not sure if they will be able to handle everything else further on down the road. Also want to mention that I do have a 1 TB external HD right now, so I'll have that to play with as well. I figure I can pick up a cheap monitor at Goodwill along with a keyboard and mouse at Bestbuy for cheap or something. 

One of the PCs he is selling is: 

Dell Optiplex 760 MT desktop PC

~Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4ghz Processor (Quad Core)

~4GB Ram

~160GB hard drive
~DVD RW ROM drive
~Intel GMA integrated graphics, Supports dual monitor
~Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit loaded with Product key and disk! 

Am I overly excited about this? Because this is really affordable for me right now and if it's good enough* to run Sibelius smoothly, I'll pick one up right away.

*I'm not looking for a crazy powerhouse PC right now. I just want something so I can run Sibelius again (my mac laptop broke recently) and get to composing! That being said, I don't want to spend $155 on a piece of junk that is going to stall, delay, and run choppy. I'm not super skilled in the area of computers so I'm asking here. Thanks guys and gals!

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Thanks for the advice. I just checked the Intel website and it looks like the 5820k processor is conflict free. Thanks again!

You should also know that, you (proably) won't be able to upgrade your CPU in the future (there're different types of chipsets on motherboard), also you didn't mentioned power supply here (it's proably chipest one) and i'm afraid you might have problems with it as well.

~Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit loaded with Product key and disk!  

and that's just sound suspicious for that price

Why don't you ask on some computer forum if they can build (pick best parts) something for you for a price you give.

To be honest, buying prebuilt PC's is worst idea. 

Nevermind, i've read right now, that you're building good PC, and it's old topic.

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