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Hello everyone! I have a simple question: I have got a Finale 2008 composing program, and I find it really cool but is there a possibility to change volume of track in respect to time? You know, e.g. there'a violin playing, and first it's quiet and then becomes louder. I found only option to change volume on whole track, but it's useless. Or if there's no such possibilty, maybe could you suggest me other program? Thanks in advance. :)

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  • I"m not that familiar with Finale itself, but like all score programs, any track can be exported as a MIDI file. If you import that into any DAW (Pro Tools, say), you should be able to edit each individual note's velocity, among other things). Then, re-import back into Finale.

    Or, it might be possible to look at each track AS midi data within Finale, which ought to include note veolocity data, which ought to be editable as well.
  • You should only ever use CC Volume changes for overall volume and NOT for crescendo/decrescendo or dynamic 'volume/intensity' effects. It will never sound right. There are ways with some of the newest products, like with VSL new stuff there is a "velocity X-fade" that creates a fairly realistic crescendo (albeit slower ones, not something hard like Sfortzando or sfotzato or quick fp or pfp types of dynamics)
  • In Finale 2008 go to the Help Menu--Table of Contents--then on the bottom, choose Index--and look for : "Crescendo/Decrescendo", or hairpins....its all explained there..

    Thanks..hope this helps

    Bob Morabito
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