This is in response to a question by Ray Kemp on composing and opportunites in Production Music libraries: Hi Ray, Thanks for your comment. Yes I will gladly shed more light on why it's a good idea to join our roster of composers. Firstly i must make it clear that we don't sign anybody on an exclusive basis like some song publishing companies and doing so, depending on what they're offering you, is usually a waste of time and at first should be done on a song by song basis to see how it works with that publisher. Thats the song side. What we do is publish and exploit works in our Production music library catalogue. Simply we would hear demos from composers of all or most genres and then if we like what we hear then we would ask them to create an album of their strongest ideas into a conept, for example a cartoon/comedy album or movie trailer themes etc. Then once we have the mixes and final versions (all done by the composer in most cases) then we make the artwork, master the audio and send it out to our large database of clients around the globe. And THAT is they key to your question. We have spent over 11 years compiling a database of exactly the *Right* people to send production music to. Also it is updated on a month to month basis as people in the business move around a lot. So getting into this business can be extremely rewarding as within say 2 months of finishing your album, it can be sitting on the desk of the best music supervisors, producers etc in the business waiting to be used on a promo, commercial, programme theme, Ident, which is where Music Candy is used a great deal speciffically in our base territory, the UK. The royalty rates are good for TV music and in fact for Radio, commercials etc. One final thing to mention is that with Broadcasters, ad agencies etc making cuts in budgets with the bad economy, more and more production music is being used as most big media companies pay collection societies for blanket usgae of our music and less hefty budgets are being spent on licensing an expensive track from a well known artist. . and that is obviously good for us composers.. right? regards Anthony.

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  • So Anthony, if I sent you a few tracks would you be willing to listen to them and provide some feedback?
    • Hi Glenn

      By all means please send me your best work, however i definitely will not provide feedback and here's why.

      I have been composing since I left school which is over 20 years ago and when I was trying to get my first gig as a writer or get some tracks placed, I really hated getting critiques of my work. They seemed to be coming from a place of someone without any musical knowledge whatsoever and it really used to piss me off. I know that I should have taken the feedback as constructive, but I didn't think it was! Now obviously I do have musical knowledge and would be able to make my own personal judgments on what is right and what is not right. But this is based on what is right for what we're doing with Music Candy or looking for a particular genre etc. I can't sit back and judge music whether its bad or good, I just don't feel that is my place. However, if your music is exactly what we're looking for, then you'll know about it. :-)

      • Anthony,
        Thanks for responding. I appreciate your position. I was more interested in feedback on the production quality rather than the compositions. Right now I'm doing everything in Sibelius using mostly big band arrangements. I was wondering if I need to learn Cubase, which I have access to through the college I work at, or should just concentrate on adding more material to my portfolio. I don't have enough product for an album yet, so I'm probably wait until I have more before I contact you.

        One final question: do you generally need 1 minute compositions or longer pieces?
        • Hi Glenn,

          I read about your desire of become an established film music composer and I also listened to some of your music which I really like. I would like to help you with the production/technology problem. My email is feel free to ask me whatever you want about audio technology, maybe I could help you choosing the right software, virtual instrument, audio and MIDI interface, etc.

          Take Care,
  • Hello Anthony,

    My name is Pedro Bastidas, I'm a music composer currently studying but already working producing music for short films and TV.
    I'm new at the composer's forum and I was reading some old posts when I read your post about Composing for Production Music Libraries and I was immediately interested. I have growing catalog of music in many diferent styles. I’m a registered member of SACVEN, a Venezuelan royalty protection agency and I am experienced in the music industry and the entire music production process.

    I have an Audio Engineer Diploma. And I have worked the past four years as a recording engineer, audio editor, music arranger, and composer for television, recording studios, and films. I already have a non-exclusive contract with another music publishing company from Poland (Media Grooves Publishing) but It would be a pleasure to contribute with my own music and be part of an established and successful music publishing company like Music Candy.

    If you agree, I could send you some music..


    Caracas, Venezuela 1061
    Cell phone +058 416 303.81.97
  • Hi

    You know i've been just an artist and producing tracks for artists and ignoring my talent in Composition and Arranging.
    About 2 months ago i made a long-stone-throw and landed a cool Afro-House and Kwaito ( South African Dance music ) job.This led me to define my future more in terms of how i wanna position my business and time investment.

    So i've just read this discussion and i am inspired even more.

    Thanks Anthony

    Johannesburg, South Africa
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