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Members,  moderators, and management,

     A long-time member was forced off the forum because he chose to question the authenticity of Ondib’s “music”.  The management contends that he left of his own free will when in fact he left because his posts were being censured.  I am here not only questioning the authenticity of O’s music, but questioning his authenticity in general.

     Ondib has no face, no name, no online identity other than the forum, and produces no conventional music.  O is on the forum 24/7 and produces long lists of raw data of a volume equal to all the other participants combined.   The data is raw in the sense that O cannot prioritize or assign value to the parts or whole.   In the two years of my membership O has never commented on another composer’s music.  Yet O has managed to antagonize nearly every member with whom he has had a serious discussion.  This is because he seems to know everything about everything, at least everything found on Google.  Based on these facts I must conclude that Ondib is a Google search engine and an artificial(non)intelligence.

     O’s purpose seems to be to impress with its data collection and to promote a purely liberal agenda.  (This could be coincidental to O’s source of data, Google.)     O’s inconsistencies with human behavior are too numerous to list, but here are a few.    

  1. Speaks 5 languages

  2. Has lived all over the world

  3. Insults members without seeming to realize it

  4. Cannot comment on music because it cannot feel any emotional attachment

  5. Cannot prioritize data.  If you do a Google search you will select relevant facts.   O just prints everything.

  6. Is unable to narrow focus in a discussion, but includes peripheral data unrelated to the topic

     The computer geeks behind Ondib are to be congratulated on fooling some of the people all of the time.  Nevertheless, their experiment has failed.  We must question the ethics and legality of impersonating a human.  Such fraud needs to be dealt with by legislatures and courts.  The purpose of artificial intelligence is to serve humanity and not vice versa.   In the future, full disclosure must be made as to when we are dealing with a computer program or a human.

     The only biographical info I can obtain on O is that it originates in Washington D.C.  It seems evil yet plausible that our government would unleash a machine to spew out propaganda 24/7 on members of the forum.  I am about 99% sure of the O hoax, but if I am incorrect, it is incumbent upon Ondib to produce any biographical evidence to the contrary.

     Why is this relevant to the forum?  If we are to compose and define music so broadly that even Ondib can produce a reasonable facsimile, then our future as composers is over.  If we compose music with melodies that evoke the deepest emotion, portray distant vistas, uncover the darkest truths, and lift human spirits, then our jobs as composers are assured for generations to come.

Lawrence Aurich

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Fascinating. It would indeed explain much. I have had other ideas about the real identity of O, but none quite so intriguing as this. In any case, I have found that ignoring him is the best policy. that and spending time on forums unpolluted by his presence.

Fascinating indeed! I never though of Ondib as artificial intelligence but now that you mentioned it…

I don’t know who or what Ondib is and his profile is not much help to me, I find it a bit odd, that's all.

I don’t know if Ondib is a computer planted by the government (which would stink, anyway), but my concern is about the way that Christopher had to live which in turn made Michael to resign as a mod in protest.

I followed the entire conversation without taking sides, but I feel that you have a voice that must be heard and  that is why I reply.

The questions raised by your post can be very serious.

You don’t only call into question Ondib's identity but also the integrity of the management of this page.

I can expect government information gathering agencies to want to mingle with musicians or other thinkers, and I don’t give a shit about that, cause their efforts are largely unsuccessful and pathetic, but in here, in this forum, who is protecting Ondib? Who is censuring other people's posts if they are detrimental to Ondib's credibility?

I still don’t understand how Ondib managed to persuade Gav, for example, that the composition in question was genuinely his, but he would not do the same simple thing for Christopher or Michael, out of basic courtesy and civility, but was instead allowed to take the conversation into irrelevant topics about doxing etc.

The whole affair could have been solved easily and in a very civilized manner, but it was not and that does not say much about the way it was handled by management first of all.

I joint this site for the intellectual enjoyment of been in a company of like minded individuals, not fucking computers or lunatics.

If Ondib is a computer how can I trust anyone in this site?

Thanks for your post, I think it deserves serious thinking and honest approach and answers.


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