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Hi! I'm Kane and I'm new here hohoho! I have questions for you guys, How many hours do you work in a day? Because as we all know sitting in a long period of time is bad for our health, Also what are the ways to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome? just to warm up before doing your thing? Lastly, Our eyes! How far is your monitor screen? do you have radiation protective screen attached?


How to maintain our Physical Health in a good state? (don't mind if there's grammatical errors peace) :)

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  • :) so basically what you mean to say is, it's normal that we have to sacrifice our health because it's part of our job? and to reduce the damage to our body, just have a regular exercise. well I just realized that what I posted can be answered by common sense haha! newbie syndrome post, but going back to my first question, usually How many hours do you work? or it doesn't matter, as long as we feel that we can do more, just continue and if we feel that we're already tired just rest?
  • For maintaining your physical health you could take a break regulary and take a walk outside or do some excersise.

    For maintaining your mental health you will need many many pills :D

    ( or you can just enjoy life and use your crazy episodes in your music, worked for a lot of composers in the past)

  • I didn't know there were radiation protective screens for monitors I should look into these. My monitor is insanely bright so I downloaded f.lux which changes the colors depending on the time of day, it's a brilliant program. Anyway, I've found myself sitting for hours on end in the same spot and I guess it's the same principle as long airplane trips: do what you can to not stay completely immobile. Also being a gamer I understand this, I'm just glad I get bored easily and can get up at moment's notice but come back relatively fast. :p
  • Musicians die younger :D
  • Keep the volume at a reasonable level, every 1 or 2 hours get a 10-15 minute break from sounds and the screen, and if possible avoid sitting too many hours. The last thing is hard though, in my case for example, whatever I do keeps me sitting either on my desk (studying or writing music etc) or my piano. 

    This meditation thing sounds good, any clue where we could read some more? There are times I think my mind just has to empty from everything, or it'll blow.

  • After 25 years of non stop 7 days a week work I hit the wall in January. I'd had a sore back for years and just dealt with it but suddenly something snapped and I could hardly walk. I was in the middle of 2 series and 2 pilots so I had to cover as best I could because in this business, when producers feel you may not be in perfect condition, they can get a little odd with the behavior.


    Turns out my 'core' was so terribly weak that just normal activity was causing a tremendous strain on my body. So I started physical therapy and after 24 sessions the pain started to go away. Oddly enough it was during this time that my left shoulder froze up which has taken 3 months to get back to normal. I do PT on my shoulder M-W-F and work out at the gym T-Th-Sat. I feel better than I have in years. Luckily my summer has been a lighter schedule but come October, it gets crazy again. At least this time I'm prepared.


    As far as carpal tunnel, A friend taught me a trick years ago. Hand flat against the wall and you kind of lean into it. It's worked wonders. Also switched 3 years ago to a "rollermouse pro 2" ( which took about two weeks to get used to but really helped because I no longer had to reach for a mouse or track ball. I converted a few friends over and they also swear by it now.


    Another thing - Do try to drink at least 32 oz. of water a day. This actually will help your back in the long run so you don't get dehydrated discs.


    Eyes - Not much I can do about that. I use a 30" Cinema Display that is 36" from my face. I'm really looking forward to the new Apple Retina displays that will be out before too long. The higher resolution should help.



  • Thought I'd throw in my to cents here.


    I usually try not to work over 8 hours a day (of course this is sometimes impossible). I find this to be a good average where my concentration doesn't wonder off.


    As for the physical health:

    One thing you should spend time with is finding a good chair. This is a thing people tend to ignore and get something that just feel comfortable (which may not be the best solution in the long run). You might also want to get a balance cushion ( which will keep your body in a better position and keep your mid body muscles in a some movement as you have to keep your balance.


    I also recommend picking up some sport. Especially the kind where you really have to work your abdomen and back. Doing it 3-5 times a week will keep your body in good health. I've done Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for about 5 years now and don't remember when I've had so little major problems with my body. But any sport that gets you to move your body in a different way is good (jogging is for instance while good cardio is not really that helpful in developing a good mid body condition).

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