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Hello members,

CF is based on Ning Technology. We are currently at Ning version 2. In the coming weeks I will be exploring Ning version 3 with an eye towards upgrading. Watch for announcements as the upgrade proceeds forward. Incidentally, I could use a few volunteers to help me with some testing of Ning 3 I will be doing, reply on this thread or PM me if interested. Looking for 4 volunteers total.


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I'd be glad to help out, Gav. This place has needed a refresh for years. Getting the audio player alone will be worth the price of admission so to speak. 

Let me know how I can be of help!

Thanks Michael, I will be in touch as things progress -


Hi Gav,

If you still need volunteers for the testing, you can count on me, I'm happy to help.


Thanks Jos, I do still need volunteers and appreciate you stepping up. I will be in touch before long -


Hi Gav - I'll try and help with this, I've been having trouble getting the pages to load on Windows 7.

Thanks Ingo, watch this thread and for a PM from me!

May we expect better interaction with smartphones?

Yes, mobile is rebuilt from the ground up.

Fabio Biolcati said:

May we expect better interaction with smartphones?

Gav Brown said:

Yes, mobile is rebuilt from the ground up.

That's good news.
Sorry I can't help much with testing.


Those who have volunteered to assist with this process will soon be hearing from me

To all members: The CF upgrade has begun. Watch this space for announcements.

I have sent a PM to those who volunteered to assist. Please reply if you are still able to help.


The Upgrade continues, an announcement about switchover will be made within the next week.

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