• I think for the pilot episode, we could have a few interviews recorded in advance, and then put snippets of those interviews and people talking about the interviews. Then a discussion of what this podcast is about, etc.
  • We shouldn't make things to complicated so amateur composers can also understand what were on about
  • I think the podcast should focus on amateur composers, beginning composers, and some professional composers. and should also feature their work, at least one piece but not more then three.
  • There should be one person interviewed each week using skype and then recorded and posted somewhere on this site as a podcast.


    Somebody needs to be the main interviewer for the first few episodes to keep the format consistent.

    we need a moderator to decide whose turn it is to be interviewed

    we need somebody to edit it on an DAW - the interviewer?

    As I said on chat - I will help with this project as much as needed as I quite like interviewing etc.

    I think that a 45 min interview with a few audio clips would be a good length

    we need at least one practice session/ pilot to get this sounding professional

  • We also need some technical advice from someone who knows how to record an interview on skype and I presume the podcast would just be a straightforward mp3.

    The moderators on this site would need to decide if and how to put those mp3s to stream somewhere on this forum, if they are all in agreement with the idea - eg on a separate page etc.

    We also need a title or at least a working title eg "composers in conversation" "an hour with the composer" etc.

  • I think an interview could be shorter approximate 15 minutes till a thirty minute maximum for an interview or tech talk on DAWs.
  • For anyone who has a repertoire/ portfolio of more than about a dozen works, I would have though 15 minutes wouldn't do any justice. I also feel that a composer who is serious about art (and thus humanity) will have a few opinions they would like to share about how their musical outlook fits in with their worldview. For starting-out composers, 15 mins would be fine. There could be flexibility in the length - so long as the interview is engaging and not boring or too self-indulgent. This is where editing comes into play.

    I can imagine the DAW talk being more relevant to those who work primarily with sound samples as their finished product - eg film composers who mainly use samples (most do now, even the very best). Those who work to produce a score as the end-point would base their discussion accordingly.

  • Heres an idea for a format to use for the podcast:

     Introduction: Something that is said with at the beginning of each podcast

    Questions for the composers:

    • Tell us about yourself.
    • What brought you to music?
    • What brought you to composing music?
    • Tell us about the piece we are about to hear.

    A successful piece from the composer can be played here. Preferred live recording for professional and rising composer but midi mock ups can do just fine for our hobbiest and amateur/starting composers.


    Back to Questions

    • What is your compositional process?
    • What are your musical goals?
    • Tell about your upcoming projects

    An excerpt is played. Midi recording or live recording is acceptable.

  • that's fine - there is also the possibility of the informed approach, where some of the questions flow from the fact that the interviewer has learned a little about the composer.

    eg" I believe that John Adams was a great influence in your earlier works, will you tell us a little about that?"


    Although this tailor-made approach takes a little more work from the interviewer's viewpoint, if you had a series of podcasts where exactly the same questions were asked, it would sound a little stilted IMO. However, the questions you suggest above are a very good starting point.


    I don't know if the other moderators have approved of this idea yet, but to get the ball rolling I would be willing to interview, record and edit you, Tyler, unless somebody wants to step in instead. After all, this will need a few "goes" to get the format right and sounding natural. Let me know if you're up for it.

  • You could feature a member of the forum at the end by playing one of their pieces. And having looked at the way podcasts work, the interviews are usually quite long, then cut down to the 'most interesting' bit, lasting a comparatively short time.

    I think in order to keep it fresh, you could have regular segments lasting a few minutes - the equivalent of the news. Other people have mentioned DAWs, so you could have 15 minutes or so of each podcast be dedicated to that, and then 5 minutes of things that have happened in the composing world, etc.

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