Composers' Forum Needs Your Help!

My Fellow Composicans:

We are getting close to raising enough funds to keep our wonderful, creative, giant, Composers' Forum up and running for another year!  But we are not there yet.  Thanks so much to all of the wonderful composers who have donated so far.  And thanks to those of you who are going to be donating!

I apologize for asking for funds.  Hopefully we won't need to much longer, because of you awesome composers who will be donating!

Clickity Click Here to Donate to the Composers' Forum!

(Care of Merritt Music Productions LLC)


Chris Merritt


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  • I'd give monies to this project, but I've already paid-out too much for needs/wants as well as given too much. I, in truth, don't think and feel I should give to anyone including myself, because my income places me below the poverty level.

  • it would be nice if we knew how much we have till the goal.

  • $750, according to the e-letter sent to all members.

  • Hi

    I have donated $10 as the first song has been completed by one of the composers on this site.

    I pay for the composition as well to the composer. So for each song I will donate $10. So if all the songs are composed by this forum / site, that makes $150 for the 15 songs on my forum post "looking for composers". Every bit helps. Ta Steve.

  • Shouldn't the forum be selling compositions or performances of compositions (iTunes, maybe?) to pay for itself? It seems to me that this would be the ultimate test of both its purpose and viability.

    I'd gladly donate my four books of piano compositions to the cause, for example.

  • I'll donate now and then, when I have the dosh. It's for a good cause.

  • Isn't that confidential information?

  • Hi

    Just donated $100 for my promise to pay a donation for any songs composed by the members.

    Thanks go to Johan, Karl and Ronald for their compositions, well done, and view part of this $100 as your donation too. Because without your work the donation would have been less.

    Ta Steve

  • Hi

    With the help of Johan, Karl and Ronald we have donated $100 to the cause of fund raising.

    I promised to donate $10, per composition from the members, two years ago !.

    At last "Christmas Revival" , the album of festive songs has been produced.

    So, ten more songs = $100.......Donated today. Ta Steve

  • Thank you to all that have donated so much recently. This forum wouldn't be here without you guys. 

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