Composers' Forum Gathering

Let's discuss getting together in real life!

Who wants to help host a gathering of composers? I don't mean they have to stay at your house! Just help organize it in a nearby big city!

James Semple is thinking about starting an informal gathering in London. Can you go? Would you go if it were closer to you? Where do you suggest?

Let's discuss!


It happened!

Where should the next one be?  Could YOU help organize it?

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  • But that is just a romantic getaway with the wife, right? Wouldn't she get mad if you had a composer gathering then too?

    Ray Kemp said:
    New York 1st weekend in June for me :-)
  • Kento sent this to me:

    Hi, for some reason, on the post about a CF gathering Icouldn't respond, so I thought I'd send my message here: NY or Philly works the best for me.
  • From:

    I'm available the last week of June and would love to visit Europe, especially but anywhere that doesn't cost a fortune would work for me at that time.
    Deborah Young's Page
    Deborah Young's Page on Composers' Forum
  • Pics of the London gathering:
    Composium meeting, London Feb 2010
    A great meet-greet-drink-and-eat event with a dozen of professional and semi-professional composers.
  • Hi everyone ... the next composer's gathering will again be in London. We are meeting on the evening of Saturday 12th June. More details as they arrive ...
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