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Dear all! I am a classically trained pianist and composer looking for work. I am willing to work for free and also interested in collaboration. My style sounds melancholic first but I am quite diverse from classical to heavy metal. Please visit my website for more information and contact me if you need music! Web:

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  • Hello! Yes, that might sound funny I am asking composers to ask me to compose for them. Do you need my help?:)
    Anyway, I just thought that people who look for music might find this site with plenty of composers to choose from. I don't know if there is any other way to contact student directors maybe, the schools don't really have this option of forums. Do you have any suggestion?
  • Love the track "Waterfall" on your website among others. Quick question though...Are you using a Yamaha Motif? I thought I heard some of the sounds from 1. Anyway I'd love to collaborate on something. If you have any piano parts that you want to send my way I could try to add parts, if you want.
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