This is a repost - not from me - (Chris Merritt) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello, I'm an animator working at Tippett studio, Berkeley. I have a 3D short animated film about to submit to the festivals but haven't finished my BGM for that. Is there some one who can help me? Here's about my film. Title: "Repaired?" Length : approx. 3 min. Type : Full 3D animated film Story : 2 stupid aliens are trying to fix their UFO after crashing the moon. But they don't know how to fix that. What I want are : A comic orchestral BGMs which perfectly match with my film story. + sound effects. Payment : this is a personal project so I didn't put the budget on it. All I can do is a credit, and a right to use for your demoreel. Where to see WIP version: Contact : email me if interested. Thank you.

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  • Hi, Chris.

    If you haven't got a composer lined up yet, write me at and let's talk!

    Steve Gallant
  • Hi Steve,

    I'm not involved in this. I just posted it...
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