Greetings, From what I could find, those competitions for composers out there are score writing oriented. Are there any competitions that are pure audio ones, game/film music oriented, for users of virtual instruments? I know there were competitions under CGEmpire (won't be anymore), East West is making a contest with scoring a film every year (I think). Are there any other compos for people using virtual instruments (especially virtual orchestras)? Cheers, Michal

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  • Oh, that's interesting! Unfortunately, I don't know of any, but keep us posted!

    What setup do you use for virtual instruments? Does anybody use the default Garritan package that comes with Finale, or does it not seem to suffice?
    • What did you mean by the setup for virtual instruments?

      IMHO today Garritan is really outdated. I tried it once and did not really like the sounds, too synthy to my taste. I managed to get some realistic results even with East West Symphonic Orchestra Silver Pro XP. Without Finale - I use sequencer to do the music programming. Personally I am a newbie to the orchestration - I do everything by ear.

      • Michal, you are FAR too talented not to be able read music. Learn while you're still young, please.
  • Have you used any programs directly from Finale? I would like to use better sounds, but the first sounds I'm most likely to use are ones I can load into Finale via Kontakt player, if only for the fact that there isn't an extra hassle of setting up a new program.
    • I don't use Finale or any other scoring software, since I'm not a trained orchestrator. I just program my music in a sequencer. I use FL Studio 8.
    • I've just bought Finale 2010 (with Garritan), but I intend to use it just for scoring. If you want better sounds, you really need a sequencer. It's okay if work with scores, I do all the time, because most sequencers have score editors on them. But with a sequencer, you have far more control over the audio output and the programme is far more powerful.
  • Aloha Michal, Try this site
    • Thanks, but I was actually wanted to know about something bigger, yearly contests or so. Never found such, except the East West one (which will be soon I guess, they are preparing a trailer for a film to score as far as I know).

  • It's not a big contest and it's reviewed by composers at the contest. No money involved but you can hear some very good music from time to time. I have been submitting there for a few years and found that monthly contests have made me a more productive writer. You can join Taxi. It's almost like a contest with screener s instead of reviewers. Have you tried Google?
    • Google? Never heard of it. ;)

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