I post my "Walker" quartet for you to compare live performance sound to sampled sound.


- Live performance: 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello. 2 microphones, live in a small room. All musicians play simultaneously. Performed in December, 2013 in Vermel club, Moscow. Unfortunately, quartet was replaced three days before the performance and musicians had almost no time for rehearsal. This is why there are some shortcomings in the performance, but generally it is ok.


- Sampled performance: East West Orchestra Library (Platinum XP). Solo samples were used.


http://alch.us.to/.../Virtal - Walker.mp3

http://alch.us.to/.../Virtal - Walker (live).mp3



http://alch.us.to/.../Virtal - Walker.pdf



You can also listen on my site.


This string quartet consists of 11 parts. Each part is created in a specific style and all parts are connected with transitions. Most styles go in a historical order.

Below are two videos with the same music (live sheet music and piano roll).





The idea was (time for youtube and sampled audio):

00:00 In style of Bach fugue
01:01 Transition to classical period
01:26 Idea was Beethoven, but ultimately it resembles Haydn more IMHO
02:05 Idea was Wagner. Ultimately it became close to early romantic with primitive elements
03:14 In style of Debussy
04:10 In style of Bartok
05:18 In style of Stravinsky
05:35 12-tone serialism (in style of Schoenberg, Boulez).
06:50 In style of John Cage, La Mont Young (long notes)
07:50 In style of Arvo Part (mathematic technique Tintinnabuli)
08:58 Transition to Jazz
09:11 Idea was Gershwin. Ultimately I used my improvisation on Easy living
10:10 Transition to Rock (rock starting from 10:26)
11:34 In style of Philip Glass


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