• Very intriguing.  What inspired you to write it?

    My ears perked up and liked the percussion at 3:13 through 6:35.



  • Hey man,


    I've listened to that song... twice! it's difficult to give a feedback on it ( at least for me ) as this is the kind of music that lives in world of its own avangarde. Technicaly it's good. Personaly i don't dig it even thou i do like disjointed harmonies. Except when the song was getting thorwards end the rythm made it more accessible and i could find something i could hold on too.



    I really appreciate honest and critical feedback, so thank you. I find inspiration from ideas, from the sounds themselves and going on an instinct. This is work in progress and I would like to double the length to do the different sections justice. I guess there could be more of a way in for listeners who haven’t experienced a lot of contemporary classical music. I hope your creatively is flowing and you are all producing excellent composition.


    All the very best





    I will upload the finished piece thanks for the support….

  • Hi Matt, thanks for asking. I can tell that I like your music language very much but cannot comprehend the form of the piece; besides, there is something wrong with acoustics: the strings sometimes are too sharp and cause slight pain in my ears, which is OK if it is intended as a means to express something specific, e.g., elements of a video sequence. The language is close to impressionist tradition and (for me) associates with Ravel, who often used such textures for expressing very specific things; see, for instance, his L'enfant et les sortilèges (, where he expressed sounds of angry home furniture. I think this music should be accompanied with something suggesting explanation: programme, picture, movie etc. Once more, your atonal language is attracting attention and is far away from the annoing triviality of what usually sounds around us.

  • I like it a lot.  The only criticism from me would be the intro of the composition.  It sounded a little "forced" to me.  Only when the solo piano started playing right after the orchestrated intro I was drawn into the music. Its drama affected me throughout the composition.


  • thanks Matt. I've listened to that composition. I like your music that should be accompanied with movie or soundtrack film.

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