Combining fragments in Music

I have been working on this idea of combining themes or fragments in my music. In this instance, I wrote two main themes, each has one distinguisable fragment. At the beginning, I mention the 2 fragments in each main themes. On certain part of the piece, the 2 fragments are combined, creating a new theme. Afterwards, I introduce another theme before going back to the combined fragments heard earlier.

I would like to know your thought regarding this approach/idea. Do you think the fragment can be identified when it's still 'attached' on the main theme? Is the combination of the 2 understandable?

Let me know what you think. Thanks before.

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  • Hi Sam, while there is nothing wrong with this piece and it is at times quite pretty, I don't know that I hear all these complexities you are describing, in fact, if you had not mentioned what you are doing I am quite sure I woudn't have picked up on it independently -


    • Hi Gavin,

      Thank you for listening and giving your input.

      I see. So, I guess, the idea of 'extracting' a fragment from the main theme, and then combine them is not that recognizable. I probably have to rethink the approach, maybe create a more distinguisable fragments before combining them, or something else.

      Do you suppose have any idea wbether there are other composers (past or present) who have this kind of approach/method?


      • Your approach sounds similar to Sonata form, which many composers have written in


        • Okay, I see. Thank you.




  • Hi Sam, your piece sounds very nice I think you have done quite well with it. As Gav has told you the approach you describe is quite similar to standard compositional practices that have been used for many years.  Have you studied compostion?  I'm not saying that you need to or that your music needs improvement at all but if you are interested at all in these methods there are sources online to study classical compositon techniques.

    • Hello Ingo. Thank you for listening to my piece. Yes I've been learning classical & non-classical composition myself. I'm particularly interested in what Wagner did in his composition. His leitmotif approach is the one that triggers me in developing this method.

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