Circus of the Mind

Circus of the Mind is a 3 movement work for free-bass accordion, clarinet, and string quartet.  In 2020, my wife, Rebecca, and I, made a multimedia virtual concert which was unquestionably one of the most ambitious projects we've ever tackled.  I'm sharing with you the first movement, Funhouse (the other two being Oasis and Stilted Waltz).  The complete presentation includes a piece for accordion, clarinet, and piano trio, "Bach to the Future", as well as a piece for accordion, clarinet, guitar, and marimba, "Geranos."  

I do hope you will enjoy something a little different :)



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  • One of the most original and inventive things I've heard from you. Never for a minute does it settle into any kind of routine and the sheer variety of expression is really impressive.

    • Thank you, David.  I'm glad the piece resonated with you.  Hope you'll check out the album this piece will be part of, when it's released sometime in the next 20 years :) 


  • Wow, this is great David, unique and exciting.  Even without the multimedia setting the music alone is appealing, fresh and engaging. I can only wonder at what all you went through to make this all work.  Are the strings virtual?  It all sounds great.

    • Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment, Ingo.  It was a bit of effort :)  The strings are virtual (VSL).  I'm working on a few albums concurrently, and I'll say this about pieces like Circus of the Mind:  I'm glad I've waited many years to finally create the virtual performance, because I would no doubt have been unsatisfied with the end result if I tackled it early in my virtual instrument programming days. 



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