Hi guys! Continuing writing church chorals,submitted my Kyrie Eleison with you before,now want to share my Credo and Sanctus.Couldn't make the choir sing with real words,but once sang by a real choir will be times better.Any comments/critics are more than welcome,looking forward to some,thanks in advance!







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  • Hello Victor!

    I like what you have here! The credo reminds me of something a film choir would sing (in something like an epic film) and i especially love the resulting textures from the smooth blending of voices in the sanctus. This sounds grand, but it would sound even grander with a real choir!

    Take care,


  • Thank you Mason,appreciate your comment.Yeah,would love to hear those sung by a real choir myself,if anyone in here sings in a choir,or knows a choir that'd be interested in performing these,don't hesitate to contact me.

  • And here is the Kyrie eleison I submitted before:


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