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How much music can the ChucK programming language ChucK if ChucK can ChucK music?

Does anyone here have any experience with the new ChucK programming language?

If you do, then can you provide your perspective as to how much worth it is to invest in learning it as opposed to more traditional music software?

It appears to be very powerful and is open source, but I'm trying to decide whether investing time on the "learning curve" will pay off.


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Just trying out a better title for my thread - see if I get any responses this time.

Hi Joseph,

Giving a link to a merch product is probably not going to help you on this site. How about a link to the actual music?



I'm looking for any experience with ChucK. I provided the link to the book as a reference. I changed it now to the ChucK web page. Notice that ChucK is free, not a commercial product. And I promise I have no connection to the book sales but anyway I removed the link to the book if that was your concern. I had posted this before and nobody thought I was trying to sell a book but whatever.

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