• this piece is full of charm and deliciously orchestrated. I particularly like where the tinkly bells start to come in at 52" -- an absolutely delightful touch. Did you try this out with MuseScore 4 as well, out of curiosity?

    • thank you very much david, no, I didn't try it with musescore 4 yet, it will need extra work to balance it, it's the bad thing about musessounds, yep they "sell it" as "you only write and play and that's all"... hmm I really don't think so, first of all the flute is more powerful than the oboe in the powerful register of the oboe, how can be that possible? it needs more balance in some intruments, you need to adjust the mixer yes or yes, NP is so well balanced you don't need to move the mixer anything. Also I don't klnow if someone else have the same problem as me, the default articulation is legato for all instruments.

      • as you say, it will be interesting to see what NotePerformer 4 brings to the table though this already works better than many in NP.


      • I've been a dedicated MuseScore user for several years, first on MS3 and now on MS4.  Personally, while I like some of the features updates (esp. the ability to have multiple instances up and running across two or more monitors), I think they dropped the ball on a number of things.  Certain font treatment options are gone. The score playback now has this annoying requirement that I specifically have to manually select all systems on the score if I want to hear them play back together. And some other things.  The instrument samples are hit and miss for me. I'm just now scoring a new piece that's a piano/violin duet, and while the piano sounds totally fine, the violin is really sub-par. The timbre is OK, but it has this really peculiar quirk where some notes play back noticeably louder or softer than others. I'm scratching my head trying to understand whether I need to have to be really super specific on bowing articulations to compensate. But, while admittedly not being an expert on bowing techniques, I sense that MuseScore may not enable all the ones that a violin section would encounter anyway.

        • I'm agree with you. I think MS4 needs a lot of improvement, it's not a finished product in my opinion.

  • Wonderful, really enjoyed!

    • thank you artur for your time!

  • So colorful and captivating, I love the orchestration. A delightful work!

  •  just listened to this again and enjoyed it even more. This is simply utterly enchanting in a way that's rare in the modern musical world and I hope you can go on and write more things like this.

  • Listening to your compositon made me envious. I know that might sound like a weird way to express one's admiration for a piece of music, but the reason I say that is that you obviously have a keen understanding of how to bring the different sections of an orchestra together into a rich tapestry of sound. I'm envious because I don't have those skills, but wish I did. Maybe some day. In the meantime, just wanted to compliment you for this really great piece of music.  I have to confess that within the first two minutes or so, I was kind of asking myself "what is specifically Christmasy about this piece; I mean it's great, but it could be about any number of subjects", but then I heard the chimes come in, and right away that was enough to convince me of the holiday atmosphere. Well done.

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