• this piece is full of charm and deliciously orchestrated. I particularly like where the tinkly bells start to come in at 52" -- an absolutely delightful touch. Did you try this out with MuseScore 4 as well, out of curiosity?

    • thank you very much david, no, I didn't try it with musescore 4 yet, it will need extra work to balance it, it's the bad thing about musessounds, yep they "sell it" as "you only write and play and that's all"... hmm I really don't think so, first of all the flute is more powerful than the oboe in the powerful register of the oboe, how can be that possible? it needs more balance in some intruments, you need to adjust the mixer yes or yes, NP is so well balanced you don't need to move the mixer anything. Also I don't klnow if someone else have the same problem as me, the default articulation is legato for all instruments.

      • as you say, it will be interesting to see what NotePerformer 4 brings to the table though this already works better than many in NP.


  • Wonderful, really enjoyed!

    • thank you artur for your time!

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