Hello Colleagues,
I'm working on some Holiday music with a poet, 5 songs for piano and alto. It's the first time I've worked with a lyricist and it certainly is a challenge. I didn't give them any parameters other than for it to be written for the season - no strictures on rhyme, meter, or anything else, so I got some semi-rhyming, mostly arhythmic poetry which I then adapted in a way that seemed fit to me to get it to marry to the music, which I composed based on the lyrics (poems, really) the lyricist sent me. Here's the 3rd one in the series. Score included in the YouTube, and as always, comments invited >

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  • Very nice Gav,  great harmonies and melodies and rhythm. Your lyricist has done a great job also with a poignant Christmas theme. This should appeal to a wide audience.  You could vary the piano textures more I suppose, let the vocal work with minimal accompaniment or even a brief solo for emphasis but that's a minor nit pick, this works great as is, thanks for sharing it. 

  • Thanks for listening and commenting Ingo. I appreciate particularly your comment about the balance between the piano and voice, it was something I was concerned about when writing. Since some of the other pieces in the series have a much more laid-back piano and I took the mental approach that all the pieces together form a suite, with more or less piano in some compared to others, and I can live with that. As for varying the piano texture more, the point you raise is a valid one. Thanks again!

  • Congratulations Gav.   Very beautiful Christmas Music.

    The character is specially noteworthy.

    By the way bar 75 A flat goes to bar 76 A natural.

    The modern notation programs do not indicate the A

    natural but (natural) sign may be better for the performers.

    It looks simple but there is a lot underneath.

    Thank you for this beautiful Advents Time gift.

    Ali R+

  • Hi Ali,

    Thanks for your comments and for listening. I added a reminder natural in bar 76, that seems like a good idea!


  • Hi Gav,

    it is a nice tune, it kept my attention all through. I think piano and voice fit nicely together. The piano is doing a great job. It disturbs a bit that there is no room for breathing. I believe the vocal will come out even better if you took care of that since it would sound more natural.

    I liked the piece, great to have such beautiful lyrics also which you impressively managed to fit in to the music. I look forward to hear the recording.


  • Hi Kjell, thanks, appreciate your listening and commenting. You have a valid point about the breathing spots. I am sometimes a bit mystified as to when and where to insert them. I'll do a bit of investigating and make some adjustments.



  • Very, very nice. Leaves ya a bit hanging, though.

  • Hardly anything to say other than it's rather lovely, flowing and with the feel of the Christmas season about it. 

    Most accomplished. 


  • @Art - "hanging" - can you offer what you mean?

    @Dane - Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

    @Mike - You're right, it needs more breath spots, thanks for pointing it out!


  • Beautiful. The harmonic shifts sound wonderful, as does the breaking of the beats of a measure of eight 8th notes into a pattern of 1-2-3_1-2-3_1-2 (starting at measure 72).

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