Personally, I feel folk put too much emphasis on the melody at times & often do not consider the power of chords.

When writing, one could have a basic melody in their head & try to make it: <better?>' by changing the melody..

IMO, the chords underneath can dramatically change the <feel> of a melody without actually changing it...

Have of you lovely people tried/ experimented with this?



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  • Potentially an interesting discussion.

    I'll respond even if I'm not one of these lovely people thanks to being completely incompetent at writing melodies for the most part.

    I'm unsure what genre I write in (it was 'impressionistic' until a couple of years ago - the poor man's faltering Depussy, that's me). I tend to through-compose and rely on motifs rather than full-blown melodies if that makes sense. As such, motifs are oft-repeated, expanded and in a way substitute for melody...or a passage may rely just on the shifting harmony.

    In any case, changing the surrounding harmony is important to avoid repetition. Look on it as chordal or shifting individual 'voices'. A motif might present itself in my mind and with it will come some kind of harmony or context. On noting that down I then have to experiment with what I can do with it or try to hear variations that still give it coherence and hopefully will be interesting for a listener, given that most of my music will never appeal to more than a small audience.


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