• Forgot to add that it needs to be in a sort of jazz standard vein.

  • Get the Real Book. There's hundreds of jazz chord progressions in there. It's kind of a bible for jazz players.

    Real Book
    The Real Book refers to compilations of lead sheets for jazz standards. It usually refers to the first volume of a series of books transcribed and co…
  • I know of that but that would be ripping chords from an established piece. I was wondering if there was anything original.

  • I suggested the Real Book to give you a wide variety of choices, but here's a progression I wrote for a singer who never used it. It is straight ahead and generic. It is 32 bars in AB form but you could easily adapt it. See what you think.





    C end

    I attached a Band in the Box audio file for a demo.

    Swing thing 1.mp3
  • That is a great start to what I am looking for. I would like some added notes as well e.g. b5  etc to give it more colour.

  • Basic chords swing very nicely as the demo shows, and they keep the sound in the "standard" style that you requested. Extensions and alterations present many possibilities that would be determined by the context.The basic rule is: "Any note fits with any other."

    What exactly are you trying to do?

  • I am trying to stretch my wings and breaking out of the basic chords that I have used so much. Not as chords you understand.  I am looking to add some colour.  I am lucky in that I get my music played by one of the two groups I rehearse weekly.

  • Chord alterations in jazz are often improvised to fit the situation, here are some suggestions that could be applied to what I posted before.

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