• In this rendition it didn't sound like Tchaikovsky at all, more like something out of the Renaissance.  Very interesting!
  • The melody is "mostly" Tchaikovsky. The harmonies are mostly mine. I believe that "arrangements" should reflect  the arranger's sense of musicallity. Theme and variation is the most interesting modality of the musical pallette  for me. I am glad you think it is "interesting." That is what I was going for. 

    I must have been a troubadour in a past life. Much of my music harkens back to the Renaissance. I love the movement of the parts, the suspension and resolution, etc. That is why I consider most of my efforts as "modern classical."

    I have had some critiques on other composer sites which I will take into consideration. If I incorporate those suggestions into a revised setting, I will up load it.

    Thanks for your comments.


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