• I'm about to have a look at this. Thanks indeed for the tip, Timothy.

    It's going to be interesting. Perhaps I'm the person you spoke of: built a Project 80 Synthesizer, polyphonic / 8 voices which means 8 of each VCOs, Env Shapers, Filters and VC Amps plus a few other things. I dare say it still works if I bothered to dust it down and clean all the patch leads. That was always the thing, patch leads dangling everywhere and never enough. That synth worked with screened leads which took more time to make because they use 3.5mm jacks. 

    The circuits and (I believe) the chips are still about.

    So this Cherry Audio thing is going to be interesting. I've downloaded it. It landed in the VST3 list. I didn't notice a manual so it's about having enough time to do something.

    Perhaps will talk more about this later...

    Again, thanks,


  • Yes Dane you were the one I was thinking about. FWIW, I downloaded it and was playing with the presets last evening. Lots of possibilities there. 

    I didn't think to look for a manual. I'm surprised if there isn't one.

  • I found a tutorial on youtube - pretty basic but no doubt a boon to those never having worked with analogue modular synths. He explains what the various modules do. The patching together is like the real thing. The demo doesn't do much justice to the machine but it's a start.

    When I can set aside half a day I'll give it a go. I hope it offers CC to the various functions so the full possibilities open up.

    The machine I built was nothing like the size of the one in the photo - blimey, trying to trace a misconnection through that lot would be a headache! 

  •  Great! Glad you found the video on it. As I understand from those who have used this, there are additional modules you can get for it. I am told they are inexpensive.

    CC control would be a great addition to this. 

    Awhile back bought the AIR version of many older hardware synths. Basically rompler sounds but true to keyboards such as Moog ,Mini Moog, Oberheim, Prophet and simialr. Not as much flexibility as this setup. I had several similar.  I discovered I'm not really a sound designer so much as someone who likes to get a patch and use it with minimal tweaking.

    We sound like two peas in a pod. My time has been severely limited lately as well. 

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