• Hello Jason,

    Thanks for posting! Could we get MP3s instead of a midi file and a mus file, MP3 is more universally readable. Also, if you can post PDFs of the scores, would be helpful!


  • do convert a midi file and a mus file into mp3s?

  • With finale you can export the sound into a sound file.
  • Jason,

    We do want to hear from you. I suggest you make the effort. Once you've figured out how to do it, it will be easy the second time. As I said in another thread, if you post, I will comment.

  • Hello Jason - Here's a short tutorial on creating .mp3 files from Finale or Sibelius.  It was written a couple of years ago, but should still be helpful.   Good luck.  Your first melody is not all that bad - it's the accompaniment that lessens its potential.  Listen more to Debussy and notice how every note matters, just like with Bach.  Learn to interweave melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, shape into a unified musical experience instead of just creating a melody with simplistic accompaniment.  Listen, listen, listen.  You may indeed reach your goal.

    How to create mp3 files from Finale or Sibelius


  • Thanks Julie! Okay Gav, got it.

    Flowing Brooks.mp3

    Jumpy Stars.mp3
  • Jason, I know you've gone through some effort to get these files posted and appreciate that you considered this forum important enough that it was worth the bother of doing so. I recall in another topic you posted on that you felt that you were not very able as a composer. You said in that other thread: "I want to be a great melody writer, but no luck so far. My melodies are mostly cheesy and corny." In that same thread, I said I would comment on your music if you put it in this, the "Suggestions Wanted" discussion board. So I'm going to offer you some comments based on the statement you made and the promise I made. I offer these comments in hope that you will find them useful and will take them how I intend them: from one composer to another, with no other goal in mind than to assist you to be better. First of all, I think your assessment of your own works is accurate, although I would use different language: you described your music as "cheesy and corny," I would say "undistinguished." The two pieces you have posted seem to me to not be compositionally strong and sound to me like something anyone could come up with. I don't hear a new voice with your works, and that is what I mostly listen for. To me, having a new voice is the key to being a distinguished composer: if you sound like everyone else, you are like everyone else, and to me that is the definition of cheesy and corny. I would suggest to you that a route to getting away from where you are is to start listening to music that you don't currently listen to, or to start using more dissonance in your own works. I stress that this is my opinion only. Thanks for being brave enough to open up your work for this type of commentary!

  • I'm not really proud of my two works. I would prefer writing in the style of Debussy and Wagner. I'm also into Pop, Rock, and Metal and I have my own idols. he he he.

  • Jason, there is a lot of great Pop, Rock, and Metal to listen to and be inspired by and I am myself influenced by these genres. In the Pop Realm, Madonna has struck me as a standout. Her music is well crafted, the tunes are engaging, and the production values are top-notch. In the Rock Realm, and you being a piano composer, I can recommend Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, - you won't find much better piano playing than in this band. In the Metal Realm, Black Sabbath is a fantastic band - they basically invented the genre and every metal band today owes something to them. Debussy and Wagner are great! - but: don't be like them, nor Madonna, ELP, or Black Sabbath. Find a way to be Jason, influenced by the music you love, but with something additional.

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