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Please check out my original piano compositions!! Thanks!!



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  • Contemplation: I like the flow. I couldn't figure out the time signature. Either it was some standard 4/4 and you played very rubato, or it was some peculiar [any_odd_number]/8. But it flew very smoothly. Only thing I didn't get was the diminishing structure towards the very end. Ending that way in higher diskant, in a small chord left it very empty.

    Listening to the ending one more time made me convinced that you have a purpose for the emptiness at the end. I guess it works well, if this piece is a part of something bigger. Or if it is played in a recital together with other similar pieces.


    On a Snowy Afternoon: Some notes concerning the composition. Nothing about mood or feel or anything about what the music is telling about and how it succeeds in that. First of all one thing I noticed you had in Contemplation, too. You have same bass note and melody note a bit too much in the beginning. When the left hand chord begins, you have D major with D in the bass and D in the melody. When the chord changes to F# minor, you have C# in bass and C# in melody. When the chord changes to B minor, you got B in bass and B in melody. And one more time, the following chord is F# minor, where you have A in bass and A in melody. The following G major is the first time you have different tones in bass and melody. Things like this tend to pop out. At its best, doubling the melody in the bass like this creates a cool irrational, new age, michael nyman or evanescence feel. The classic way would be to create a bass line that, together with the melody, forms an interesting counter part.

    Next thing would be about the development alltogether. You start in D major and end up in B minor. You start with this new age like mood and blend in some Chopin there. As a composition it is a bit vague - I kind of waited for a recapitulation and reprise of the D major theme. But, like in Contemplation, it might be very well reasoned by the story or the idea behind.

  • Thank you very much for your detailed and insightful comments on my music!! Much appreciated :) To respond to your comments, "Contemplation" is actually written in the standard 4/4, but I exaggerated the rubato and played with the rhythm throughout the piece (intentional). Yes, the end is actually my "signature style." If you haven't noticed, both "River of Time" and "Mood" also end in a similar fashion: with diminishing structure and empty "feel." It is intentional. I like the feeling of ambiguity and emptiness in the end, because not a lot of music pursues that type of ending...


    Thanks for pointing out the notes concern for "On a Snowy Afternoon." I'd actually never realized that I'd indeed doubled the melody in the bass until you pointed it out to me. This was unintentional. Forming an interesting counterpoint sounds reasonable and logical to me. But I am not going to revise this piece any further. I will leave it as it is at this stage. But I will remember your remarks for future refrence. As for your concern for "recapitulation" and "reprise" of the D major theme, I did have a reprise. The only difference is in the key change. If you noticed, the melody motion and chord progressions are exactily the same here, just in a different key from the beginning. I did this mainly as an "experimental" purpose. I think reprising in the same key can get a little bit boring and "overused" after awhile. Otherwise, most of my other compositions have the "usual reprises." Thanks for putting in so much thoughts in your comments! They are very helpful! Stay tuned for more music from me!

  • I checked out Contemplation, great! You got a great looking piano too. Some parts reminded me of "Sometimes I just go for it" by The Used (I am in no way affiliated them, I'm not trying to self-promote) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkRGRmttLW4

    Do you regularly write full pieces?

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