Here is a work for chamber orchestra and solo guitar that I invite you to comment on.  This was planned
to be the middle movement of a longer work so it does not end conclusively. Thank you for listening,
all comments and criticisms are welcome.
Edit: In the updated file above I have added addtional orchestral parts to help blend the guitar with the orchestra.

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  • At first hearing, the modern style of orchestra is playing, I thought "How are you going to insert a guitar in it?" But when the guitar plays, it changes the nuance into a sort of jazzy style but still with a strange melody on the strings commenting, before it comes back to the orchestral part. To me, this is a new approach and I've never listened to something similar.

    • Thank you Sam for listening and commenting.  I hadn't planned on having guitar in this piece but I was working on another guitar piece and so I thought I would try mixing it in.  Other members suggested ways to blend it better which I think have helped but it still is kind of unusual. Thanks again.


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