My first attempt at using these many instruments, any comments on why i used them in a "wrong" way would be appreciated.

I fear the piece itself is too simplistic and thus boring, especially for more musically educated crowed, I'd love to hear your opinion about it. 

Finally - any suggestions on how to make my Sibelius+note performer sound better would be appreciated.

Any other comments will be appreciated!

The piece itself reflect my relationship with my newly wedded wife, the journey and the wedding. We are from different parts of the world , i live near the sea in the middle east and she lives in the jungle mountains of northeast india.

The journey of the sea towards the joungle mountains

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  • Gabriel...there is just way too much that is lovely and wonderful in this piece to first talk about what could be wrong with it.  There is just too much that is right with it!.  Anyone who listens to this and doesn't get it has something of a wall in front of their heart.  You are a beautiful soul!!  This music as it stands already does what other people wish they could do.  Wow!!

    Yes I hear areas of a little more sonic confusion  and densities that lose something of the path you are on, but this just has so much soul to it and I think you really know what you want.... and what it sounds like when you get it.... but there is still some sonic clarity that needs to be worked out and some clashes and collisions that create some fog.  This is a very dense and technically involved piece given how much orchestration you have put into it.  There is refinement to do but you should be so pleased to have accomplished touching the listeners heart as the piece stand.  What an accomplishment in my book!


    • Hehe, i am all fired up and motivated to write many more pieces hehe. Thanks a lot! 

  • Extreme complication is contrary to art.

                                                         -- Debussy

    • Interesting quote, i guess it's your way of saying that simple is not bad, hehe. So thank you. 


  • You have some great ideas and sounds here Gabriel and that makes it interesting and fun to listen to.  But it's also kind of frustrating, like talking to someone who changes the subject too much maybe? You have enough thematic material here for probably four or five pieces if you took the individual ideas and developed them in a traditional way.  I'm not that big on tradition but that's a useful skill to have.

    I don't think of it as 'simplistic' really, of course there are a lot of theoretical techniques you could apply but then we're kind of back to the development thing.

    NotePerformer is designed to pretty much 'plug and play' but you can go to the Play/Performance tab in Sibelius and mess with that. Sibelius has a bunch of other parameters you can adjust too. And you can take your audio file into a DAW and make it sound  however you want. A bunch of study and experimentation required for all that.

    • Yeah... Usually that's how it is for me with most of my compositions. Staying around one thematic theme too long really bores me haha. But i do get that a lot, i actually prolonged some parts that were even shorter initially hehe.

      Yeah... I tried looking up some tutorials and such, but i can't really understand. :/

      Was hoping someone would have a quick easy method hahaha. - with the pace technology is advancing, i guess we are not far off.


      • So what music besides your own do you find interesting, not boring? 

        There are quick and easy methods but only if you know exactly what you want to do. Tell us exactly what you want and we might know how to do it.  "Sounding good" is not one absolute standard, it could be different for everybody.

        • Hmmmm i can't really say. In all honesty i don't really listen to music much. Sometimes I'll binge on a certain composer or some techno music. 

          Hmmm but if i had to say... When I'm depressed i really enjoy intense music with a strong beat, something that seems repetitive but suprises you. 

          Thank you for asking the question, it has given me a more coherent idea of what i want to do.

          • You mentioned techno and repetitive music, Steve Reich wrote this in 1976 and it's an influence on techno if you haven't heard it.  If you've heard it already or don't like it I'll delete it. This is a great example of developing simple ideas.




            • Hehe, a great choice for what I described, i should definitely give it a try and see how i fare in composing something similar. I would probably use more percussion, hehe, Exciting.

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