Cancelli dell'Inferno

Here is my piece for electronics and pre-recorded sounds. Its name "Cancelli dell'Inferno" means "Gates of Hell".

This piece is based on the Canto III of Dante's "Divina Commedia"

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  •  Is the opening sound water? This is what it sounds like to me which seems odd for music with a H##l theme. When I seen the waveform on soundcloud I quickly set my volume down. The mix is way hot ( no pun intended ). 

    I mean, I would rather be in a tropical environment listening to the birds sing and not the place that this seems to be attempting to portray. The pic looks more like Hades or maybe the old "dump" sometimes also of a similar reference. In any case, it has a lot of semi creepy sounds in it though nothing that really disturbed me thankfully. In terms of modern horror sound tracks this is is sedentary in comparison. There are some pads out there that will scare you s$$7tless......"modern horror" has come a long way from the old Frankenstein movies to what we have now which is really not the kind of thing I want to see......enough of my opinions though. Thanks for sharing!

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