Here is the link to a melody that uses this instrument, second 38, it's already set there entering at second 33, and making a solo at 1m36s, perhaps with another instrument Could you please tell me about the name of this instrument, and perhaps the second instrument that comes together with this instrument in the second song on the second link

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  • In the first link, it sounds like the melody is played by violin and cello.
    The second link sounds like either violin or viola, I'm not sure. You'd be surprised at how instruments can sound when taken out of their traditional context or style.
  • Thank you very much for the answer. Keep in touch!

  • @Dominik, I've been looking to your webpage, glad to know you compose world music

    Can you confirm that the sampled strings are recorded violin, viola or cello and no world instruments?

  • yea i think they are strings.
    but they aint get played in "classical" style. its more like this style.
  • I must thank you Hayden for your reply. I wanted to put this question/discussion because even though my samples/examples are modern or EDM they give me the feeling they are the closest to the roots of playing in such style.
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