I apologize for my techie ignorance.  I am getting into the composing gear again after many years out of the loop.  I'm planning to upgrade soon to a new desktop with Logic Pro X.  My question is about speakers.  

I have some small cheap Roland speakers that directly plug into my computer's headphone jack(3.5mm).  But before I go buy more speakers, I already have a 6-channel Peavey powered amplifier and 2 Yamaha 12" speakers I used for years for my vocalist/pianist gigs.  Can these be used as my recording monitor speakers?  If so, how do I connect them to my computer?  Just 3.5mm  computer jack to 1/4" line input on PA?  I wonder if the speakers could be used without the PA?  I mean, with something less power-driven?  

Or should I be looking at buying new speakers specifically made for monitoring/recording?  In that case, please advise me what I'm looking for and where to look!  Thanks for any advice.  Sorry so…duh. ^_^

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  • Thank you Raymond.  I have a 10X12' carpeted, curtained room with a 7'~ ceiling.  I have several wooden bookshelves drilled into 3 walls and a 6' bookshelf on another wall.  I have a couple of metal filing cabinets holding a 9' wood panel that serves as my desktop.  I also have a basketful of large cushions.  In other words, I've filled the space so acoustics are not very bouncy. The speakers could sit on opposite ends of my 'desktop' or be placed behind me at the opposite wall corners.  My budget is TERRIBLE.  :)  So, I'm wondering what would be recommended for monitoring recordings?  If this description helps with any suggestions, please fire away!  Thanks!

  • Sorry I'm a little late posting this but I just wanted make some suggestions. 

    Ideally you should have headphones and monitors. If you can't afford both then just monitors will have to do. You can find something like KRK 5" monitors online for not much more than $100.

    For headphones I recommend AKG K271 MKll which you can find for around $140 online.  They aren't inexpensive but are a good value and are quite comfortable which is important if you're in your headphones for hours.  They are a closed headphone which gives you better bass than a semi open headphone but you'll still have a tendency to mix with too much bass unless you can also reference your mix with monitors. Also closed headphones help eliminate outside noise issues. 

  • Thank you very much, Phillip!!  I truly appreciate that info/advice...

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