Or is it a myth ?

Did you ever dabble with any drugs and find that your compositions improved ?

I am including all legal and illegal, from caffeine upwards.

Does a cigarette help you to concentrate.

Did you write a great tune while stoned ?

And listen back to it the next day and decide it was garbage ?

Didn't the Beatles' music improve after they discovered weed (Rubber Soul) and LSD (Sgt Pepper etc) ?

Did composers of the classical period get high in German coffee parlours ?

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  • perhaps you didnt think of this, but... in WWII the allies and the germans, both sides, were DRAFTED.

    you didnt have a choice. You went. There was no choice. Country at war. You go now. There wasn't any discussion. the Vietnam(also a draft) war started the "question the war thing". Now, we have an entire volunteer army. (I dont know how your army is, mines all volunteer)

    BUT, drafted or volunteer... you are given an order. You follow the order. period. or you go to jail for years.

    You, uhm, you dont discuss the order... you dont decide if its an illegal or an immoral order. You just follow the order.

    Discussions are for politicians and women. Men issue orders. other men follow them. period. work gets done this way. Its a novel concept, to me anyways, when...

    1) someone is actually in charge. They issue orders.
    2) everyone else follows the orders, then stuff gets done.

    But, once you TAKE a job, the owner is in charge. your not supposed to wonder if things are being done right, if theres a better way, how it would make more sense or be more fun if... no, the owner is in charge. he issues orders, You follow them.

    If YOU want to gve orders, start your own company. If you dont mind followign orders... you work for an owner.

    If you want to do your own thing... I dunno, therres other more creative jobs... jobs like, MUSIC! Here, your your own boss. bandmates can, discuss things, and talk about feelings, and processses...

    but in the service? meen issue orders. men follow orders, or, people die. HA, you say, people die when the order are followed? Thats by design. If the enemy does not want to die, they can pack up and go home, or quit fighting. Its called victory.

    people often dont understand fighting recreationally, nor do they understand countries fighting. really, its normal. Not GOOD, just... "normal". And sadly, though i WISH it were different... no book, song, movie or any other thing will prevent it. It just "is". You have no choice. Its self preservation. Its delf defense. It... just "is".

    mice fight in cages, i raised them for my snakes, I know. My CATS fight, and a coupel got driven away. i dont know why. Monkeys dont just fight, they are smarter, and they commit cold blooded murder.

    humans fight, just like all the other aninals. WE are aninals.

    But... if no one goes to war, when you are attacked... you dont have a country for very long. I always wondered why actors and teachers and musicians and other artists dont love the military... without the military, they couldnt live the life they do.
  • well, drug wise... i am going to chug the rest of this pot of coffee...

    THEN I might even go get a cheap 6 pack.....

    THEN I will fool around with the 5/4 time signature that Greg gave me to try...

    just... i dunno... try composing straight... then get waxed, and see which is mroe fruitful??

    have at it.
  • I don't know how loyal to the truth, the play/film ''Amadeus'' was, but according to that, Mozart drank an enormous amount. But according to several biographies that I have read, although Beethoven did enjoy the odd drink, he never over-indulged in it because of his memory of the behaviour of his father when he was drunk and the negative effects that it had on people in his surroundings, including himself. It is also clear that he would NEVER drink whilst composing because he claimed that one needed a clear head to be able to do so effectively.

    When he became ill with dropsy, he refused to take laundanum (a mixture of opium and alcohol) to kill the pain, until he had resigned himself to the fact that he could compose no more, during the very last days of his life when he was bedridden. By then of course, the pain was so bad, he did succumb to the pain killing effects of laundanum.

    These facts coupled with the amount of time it took him over his monumental pieces of work signifies that he must have been a very disciplined composer.

    Chris Alpiar said:
    OK Guys, lets get this thread back on topic, one of music and the influence of drugs while questionable topic for public consumption, IS the topic at hand. PLEASE leave politics and moral judgement on other forums. First warning. Second will be to lock this thread, after that people will go in the sandbox until we learn how to co-mingle at a forum dedicated to composing issues.

    Thanks ya all

    - the management
    Can Drugs aid the process of composition ?
    Or is it a myth ?Did you ever dabble with any drugs and find that your compositions improved ?I am including all legal and illegal, from caffeine upw…
  • There's also a matter of artistic responsibility. When you're on some kind of drug, you somehow rely on it's effect. Therefore I wouldn't feel entitled to sign the effect of such experiment as my work, even if it was any good.

    There was this Polish writer and poet Witkacy, who signed all of his works with his name AND the drug or combination of drugs he was on while writing...

  • I agree...so let's give these drugs credit where credit's due...


    Rubber Soul by the Beatles plus additional vocals and sounds by marijuana


    Sgt Peppers by the Beatles plus the help of  LSD


    Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye plus cocaine


    anyone think of others?

  • May I add the Bob Marley, the Wailers and Marijuana discography on the list.


    Ignoring the question if drugs help you write more, better, or more easily, it is still you writting. LSD or marijuana won't give you ideas, it is still all in your brain, it is still your ideas. What they do is let you see things in another prespective,confuse your senses, and make you listen and see things and make connections that you wouldn't do otherwise. It's still your eyes and ears though.


  • I personally don't like to credit my music to drugs because I'd rather be able to say that I composed everything sober.

    Not to mention every time I try to write music under the influence of anything, Sibelius isn't so user friendly anymore and I make notation mistakes without really noticing. However, smoking a bowl and then sitting in a room with a recorder doesn't sound like a terrible idea. But anyway, I guess we could all conduct an experiment to test everyone's theories. haha

  • I am reliably informed that drugs can filter out the BS that often gets in the way of the creative brain - and lets you reach out for ideas from "beyond".


    Although this is a controversial subject, all societies have made use of drugs and let's face it, artistic people tend to get the most benefit from their use - if used in moderation it goes without saying.

    Remember what happened to Amy Winehouse recently (even though I think she was very overrated and derivative). 

  • Drugs don't give you ideas, but composition is not just the idea. A key to succesful composition is the processing of that idea. Whether drugs help, or get in the way with that - i guess it all depends. But they affect the process never the less. And that's cheating! :P
  • how about people who smoke cigarettes to help them concentrate - is that not a drug? (in fact a deadly one, but legal) - is that also classed as "cheating"?


    How far do you take this argument - stimulation from a cup of coffee?


    Can any composer say they have never used any drug when so broadly defined?

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