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It's called "Jupiter" and it's piece for choir. It's not Gustav Holst piece. I know that composer is from Poland but he lived in Germany. I don't know anything else. If anyone have idea, be free to post here. Thanks in advance!

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You might try looking here.

A quick search came up with composer Moritz Moszkowski.  Jupiter may be a subtitle or movement title in one of his works.

Hope this helps.



Do you have anything else you can remember? Is the choir part of a symphony? Any other instruments? Soloists? What about the style... contemporary? Impressionist?

I don't have anytihng to remeber, because i just have those informations... I have that like some sort of project, but i can't find it...

:( Anyone? I really need this. :(

I spent a bit of time looking, and found nothing that fit the little criteria given here. Maybe you can try asking at the ChoralNet forums here:

Thanks, Janet. When i find it, ill post here to view what was it...

I have some new information: Composer is Michael Ostrzyga. Exact name of piece is iuppiter.

Did you get what you needed from it?

It's a cool piece:

I didn't find scores yet... And it's crazy piece. :)

The first link that popped up when I "Googled" his name and "iuppiter" was the music publisher,

There's a link on that page to an incomplete sample copy of the score. It might be enough for your needs without having to purchase a complete copy. Good luck with your project!

I saw that, but i need complete score for this kind of research. I'll see if i can find somewhere more of it. Thanks Janet, i really appreciate your effort!

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