Butterfly Lovers

I made this piece for a friend of mine who is getting married soon. The instrumentation is not the best, I do not have very good music software. I'd write more for it, but the instruments I want to add in sound horrible with the program I have.

I have mostly been writing by ear, so.. I would really love any advice on how I can improve. In any case, I hope you enjoy this piece.

Butterfly Lovers.mp3

Butterfly Lovers notation.pdf

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  • this is really nice. would sound better played on a guitar though
  • I am glad you like it :D

    I switched the instruments to a nylon guitar, it's the best sounding one I've got. I'd play it myself, but I don't have anything decent to record with.

    Butterfly Lovers Guitar.mp3

  • I liked it. Try setting the melody one octave down-it propably is necause of your samples, but the sound is so thin and it takes a lot from the piece. In the last 8-9 measures, try using one of the themes and melodies already presented in order to close the piece, or give this melody some variation, movement and fianly solution. In the last chord I'd add a B as well, let the chord sound full.
  • Dear Andrew.


    Thanks for posting this!! I also really liked it a lot!! Funnily enough maybe I thought it would be great as well it the 2nd part would be played on a violin. Or maybe sung with a nice text. That's what I thought about right in the beginning.

    But anyway, I like the fact that it is quite simple in a good way, that it's not too complicated. It really is noce to listen to!


    Hyun Jung

  • Thanks for the critique!


    Yeah, the samples I am working with are not very good. I am looking into getting either sibelius or finale as my next step towards producing professional sounding pieces. But indeed, I could do a lot more with the melody and establish some dominate themes to re-visit. I am picturing how Gustave Holst used that sort of thing in his piece Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity.

    I do like the violene too, and perhaps making some switches from the leading instruments could prove to be nice! However, my samples for the violene sound only a little better than nails on a chalkboard. But singing, I could give that a try! As far as you've liked the simplicity of it, I do have to admit I am somewhat of a minimalist. Although, I don't want to use that as an excuse to produce music that is less than what it could be.

    Glad you've all enjoyed it! I'll take what you've said to heart and see what I can do to improve.

  • Thankyou for correcting my ignorance in this matter.


    Forgive me, I'm still in the midst of researching what I'll need. I had thought that sibelius/finale = DAW. But upon further reading, I am guessing those programs are used more for notation than to produce the music itself?

    Do you know of where I can go to research more about DAW's? Just thought I would ask, as I am truly just starting to put my feet into the waters of music composition.


    edit: something like this is a step in the right direction? click for the link I don't want to waste your time explaining things to me, just would really appreciate knowing that I am going in the right direction (even research-wise!)

  • Hi, Andrew.


    About your question, I am also on the middle of finding better way to uplead my music. I use Sibelius 3 at the moment, but I should be using an upload of this. In principle I like using it, but then I also didn't shop for other things...

    For producing music, I am sorry to say thatI I don't know..


    Good luck though with everything,


    Hyun Jung

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