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Hello colleagues,

This is one of a series of pieces written as interstitial music for an upcoming concert of the Baltimore Composers Forum. The concert is all dance pieces, and the BCF needed some music to be played between compositions, to allow time for the last dancers to get off stage and any set changes, props, and new dancers to get in position. The instrumentation is a bit unusual, viola, cello, and double bass - all low pitch. Why? Because that’s the musicians who could perform! Score in the YT and comments invited>

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Very nice.  I like the simplicity of it, and yet it's deceivingly complex.   The key changes/accidentals are all smooth and perfect.  This would be an interesting workshop for any orchestral composer.  Choose a few instruments and random and make something work with them.  Not easy, but you did it well..  

Thanks for your comments Douglas. I sometimes find that having restrictions on a project is freeing (I wrote this and two other companion pieces in 2 weeks). The scariest thing to a writer, as an old saying goes, is a blank piece of paper.

Sweet... Pretty... Thanks Gav for sharing it.

Thanks Ali!

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