So, I am kinda new to making EDM (having only one previous electronica piece that I posted here back in December), so be as critical as necessary. But I submit this new piece "Bruised Fingers". I hope you enjoy and have some feedback. Thanks!

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  • Hi Benjamin

    Good work, it's a nice atmosphere and would work great as background music to a lot of things. You could probably add some more variety in terms of instrumentation and melody but that does kind of miss the point, really I think that I would only add more if it needed it for a specific brief. It already sounds quite middle eastern but maybe if you had project that was a video of Egypt for example you could lean harder into that. I think for what it's supposed to do that the piece works perfectly fine and I'm just trying to be constructive I guess.

    My only actual criticism is that from seconds 45 - 120 you have this really nice ambient build up, it's really nice but the actual climax doesn't hit as hard as I would like. It sort of fades in or just doesn't have a crash or a moment of silence before hand to really amplify the change back to a more hard driving sound. I feel like I explained that badly but hopefully you get what I mean.


  • Hi Benjamin,

    As house/trance/groove/ambient, I think this works quite well! Kudos!


  • Hey Ben Ray, forget about what the entrenched composer's might think.

    I think this could find an audience in the world today.

    I thought that you 'mixed' it up and kept it moving.

    Though I'm not into 21st century disco or club music, I think you

    did a really good job with this piece. It is both creative and fun.   RS

  • Thank you all for your warm comments and I appreciate the criticisms - they will be looked at as I move forward with new pieces. 

  • guffaw snort snort, hey... if your can't revive Bach and that wonderful sound

    of the harpsicord, at least you can keep Rickles alive.  RIP   : >}

    Insult Composer said:

    This sounds like something Beethoven wrote....when he was deaf.

  • Whatever, old man. Beethoven's best work was when he was deaf. SO THERE!

  • Troll, nothing more, stomping on the serious effort of a composer to share his work with the rest of us

  • Bob, since you're here... did you ever finish that Mississippi River piece?

    I would love to hear the full work/opus/piece.

    ps- our mystery Rickles is not OO... wry humor is not his forte.

    my guess was hidden in my earlier response. What's yours?   RS
    Bob Porter said:

    This looks like another reincarnation of a past member who still has no taste.

  • Yeah right, after a huge dump, I like to finish with a gaseous fart.  Hail Don.
    Insult Composer said:

    Don has always been a fan of the forum.  He asked me, in the event of his death to post his final thoughts.  Isn't it ironic that he saved his best material for last.

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