Good day,

I would like to share Breaking of waves, a short piano piece in a free atonal style. As the title states, it should symbolize the breaking of waves on a shore. This is my first music post here, and I appreciate any comment. The piece was written with MuseScore.

The score is attached.

Breaking of waves.Score.pdf

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  • 0Hi, Jan-Frederik,

    Well, this is my kind of music! I think you described it very well, symbolic - a neo-symbolic work. (Stylistically reminiscent of Debussy's Prelude Brouillards which was the first piece I ever heard along these lines.) One thing I loved about the work as confirmed by the score is that it avoids pedal altogether which would blur the incisiveness. Energic, incisive. 

    I've no comment to make about the music itself - it's excellent and would make a good traditional prelude, like where the pianists arrives, sits down and announces himself with a short, sharp work. My single comment was the very abrupt last chord/cluster. Just holding it for maybe a minim would signal that was the end - but then, this is your work and you may like the abruptness. 



  • I enjoyed this a lot Jan.  It has a lot of dissonance but you have phrased it smoothly and the overall arc of the piece lets it open up towards the end which is a effective approach.  I look forward to hearing more from you!

  • Hi

    An interesting work. What I found most striking was the opposite, almost counter intuitive effect you achieve with your (lack of) pedalling - one might reasonably have expected long sustained passages given the subject matter. 

    Enjoyed listening to it.

  • Hi Dane,

    thank you for your kind comment. As to the finish, I know what you mean, I will give it another think. 

    Hi Ingo,

    thank you for your comment too! I will certainly publish but first have to improve the presentation of my videos ;)

    Hello Colin,

    thank you for your kind reply.

    Probably I will re-think the lack of pedal use - maybe it sounds to harsh?

    KR Jan

  • Hi Jan- Frederik, 

    This is actually a really good piano work. I'm quite sure Schoenberg's works were an inspiration to you but I also feel this to be slightly reminiscient of Hindemith's piano works such as Ludus Tonalis and some of his sonatas maybe ? And I actually disagree with one of the commenters regarding the last chord/cluster. To me it sounds just fine ! Ofcourse these things are subjective. Hope to hear more works here from you !

  • Hi Sahir,

    actually I am not sure about what exactly inspired me when writing this work, but I love Schoenberg and respect (if not love) Hindemith! You may very well be right! I made some heavy use of clustering which interests me a lot and the results seem okay to my ears.

    And yes, about this last passage. I have to rethink it, but it is also a matter of taste.

    Kind regards,


  • Hello Michael,

    thank you for your kind comment. It really means a lot to me.

    I would not go as far as saying, "this in the music represents that in reality." I would rather like to give the listener freedom of imagination. If you had the association of shorebirds, that's fine! But someone else might see a different thing in it.

    Thank you for your helpful thoughts.


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