• Yes, I agree, the mix is not good. I'm still getting used to things, and will admit I'm quite rusty at it. My main problem is monitoring. I have two choices, earphones (which I have a very good set of Klipsch) or my really terrible computer speakers. I mixed this with the earphones, but notice that the bass is barely audible on the regular speakers.  Like I said, still getting this stuff down, I think this should be considered an easily thrown away sketch at best! I am not happy with the strings, either, just can't seem to come up with something that flows well without sounding horribly "hotel lobby" with it. My drum machine died, so I'm improvising those tracks as best I can. As you can see, it's probably not ready for listening. I'll attack this again at some point, I think I need a rest from it and go on to something else for the time being...  thanks for your input in any regard. :-)

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