• @Ray - Your criticism is valid and I accept it. Again you bring up my posts on other topics which have nothing to do with this thread, tell us why you are attacking me?

    @Bob - The original Sibelius file has dynamics and hairpins which obviously don't translate well so I have linked to a Sibelius audio export file above to make this more listenable. Thank you for commenting.

  • Good criticism and thoughts Dave, thanks for commenting.

    Dave Dexter said:

    Musically, this occasionally flirts with interesting ideas and harmonies but, generally, the previous description someone deployed of it being a "dirge" my opinion. It would sound better with serious attention to midi automation and expression, but it's still a fundamentally unlikeable piece to me. Sorry.

    I'll disagree with Ray on one thing, as I now have form in that regard! - learning how to make realistic or at least decent midi mockups is a skill that's worth acquiring, but not for every circumstance. To provide a guide for players, or to convince people into the fold, or to give you money, or for your own pleasure, or obviously to make a finished product - very much so. But if you're writing for live players who don't need guides, it's a waste. The vast majority of my composing workflow is spent tweaking midi. If I could abandon it, I'd be very happy (and I hope to, in the months ahead). There's obviously a split between recruiting volunteers (who'll perhaps need convincing) and paying musicians to play what you give them (when a good midi mock, if you're secure in your composing, is redundant.) The "it's written for real players" defense is completely fair in those situations when it really is.

    In this case, of course, it'd be useful. :/

  • Bob - I appreciate you taking time with this piece even though you don't like it; very generous of you.

    I wrote this by extending improvised ideas rather than following an existing style or model. It is influenced by jazz harmony and phrasing though, which I like, and I feel horns best express these ideas and I have always liked their sound. I don't hear this as jazz or classical music though. Nothing here is casually placed, I like it because it is my sound, the sound that I hear, for better or for worse.

    I understand that I have not made good use of the brass sound in general or the Sibelius library in particular. I would like to do that and I intend to work on doing that with your suggestions in mind. But again, my priority is to express my ideas as I hear them. Of course I would like my pieces to sound as good as possible, but I'm not really interested in trying to produce convincing imitation instruments as such, and I'm not too concerned with getting things performed by real musicians either; just not my thing.

    Again, thank you for your help with this, your efforts help make this forum worthwhile.

  • I listened to this piece as best I could , musically and its quite interesting , I was surprised though at the sound technically and that you choose the piano and the oboe to go with the brass , for fun copy at paste the whole thing and change the piano for a metal type xylophone and the oboe for clarinet and see what happens. Also I feel that garritan personal orchestra which i use because its cheap could give you a better physical sound . Remember though I'm an amateur and generally don't feel confident to be a critic I just thought this might help Regards Bob Forrest  

  • Hi Bob F. ; you should be confident of your comments; they're just as valid as anyone else's unless you start quoting facts that don't exist. It seems that no matter what you say some will agree and some will disagree.  And criticizing helps all of us, so have at it!

    About the clarinet, I think you are right, it would work well against the brass. And actually xylophone was my first choice for the other instrument but somehow piano was better to my ear, not sure why.

    Thanks for listening and commenting.

  • Hi Bob P, well it probably wouldn't be my first choice either :)

    But I do like the writing,  and I do think that as you say things would change with live players or different library samples. I would say that even having different players on the same instruments would cause me to change things; if nothing else I'd want to allow for different strengths or limitations.

    Using the computer is a good thing as you say. I used to write for guitar, bass and synthesizer onto a 4 track cassette, and it was a lot of fun but I wouldn't want to go back to that.

    I am working on library samples; it's time consuming but important and will give room for expansion as you say. I'm hoping to post some short samples for criticism soon.

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