Boy-choir in a Box

Hi Everyone!

I got new software instruments recently and celebrated (as I always do) by composing something that incorporates the new stuff - no matter what random combination that turns out to be. Think "Chopped!" where they have to make a dish from cumquats, veal, marscapone and 6 oz. of Root Beer.

My mystery ingredients this time were:

Choral ensembles in a virtual midi instrument - I chose boy-choir. (The choir starts up at about 1:40)

Algorythmic midi drums - you dial around a bunch of X/Y parameters and the midi drum patterns change mysteriously.

Another virtual box full of hundreds of virtual drum set samples- to connect to the Algorythmic thing.

A bass synthesizer specializing in 80's sounds.

A thing that stretches and distorts any sound recordings (granular synthesis) - I didn't think of much use for this one but it provides those orchestra tuning up bits in a couple places.

The choir sample set is quite good but I worked to try and make it even better. EQ, some expression work, and a "secret sauce" of my own. How convincingly real, or not was the sound to you?

Thanks for listening!




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  • Hi Damon,

    Very interesting beats, and the melody is also easy on the ears.

    Very nice recording.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks, Renee.

      You're very kind.

This reply was deleted.