best solo strings library?

Hello all,

I currently use EWQL gold for solo strings. Although they are better than a synth, they still fall short in many respects, particularly the lack of detache samples which is the most basic articulation.

I was wondering if any one had thoughts on the best libraries out there for solo strings. To cut to the chase, I have been checking out the demos of VSL solo strings and they are extremely impressive. Any thoughts ? Is there a way we can get demos?

Thanks in advance!


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  • I checked a little of Ember...sounds pretty good. although it seems a bit more pricey than VSL.

    Chris Carman said:

    Embertone has has some nice solo strings, i really like their cello.  My favorite violin is from EastWest's Gypsy, but when i mention that i think it's worth mentioning that i like fiddles more than violins.  

    A DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation, like Sonar.  I know Cubase, and probably others have the option to write in notation instead of on the piano roll if that's what you're more comfortable with.  If you want the most realistic sounds possible, in my opinion, you really have to learn to work with MIDI.  There are tricks that aren't covered by standard notation that can help sample libraries sound a bit more organic.  

    best solo strings library?
    Hello all, I currently use EWQL gold for solo strings. Although they are better than a synth, they still fall short in many respects, particularly t…
  • I'm working to develop a mock-up technique for original classical music that gives a composer who cannot take advantage of live performers the ability to present fine performances of their music. As a bonus, they do so while creating the standard musical score.

    So what do you think of these demos:

    Al Johnston, part 10a_Demo_String_Quartet#1_Adagio

    Al Johnston, part 10b_Demo_String_Quartet#1_Waltz

    Note that these are demo of sheetmusic playback, but I have not implemented a few things; no Kontakt automation to attenuate the ASHDR curve for each instrument (which would obviate piano roll editing), nor Kontakt automation to implement orchestral mixing or mastering.

    - YouTube
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  • Al, to my ears so far they still sound like a computer's performance and not a human's.
  • I think the strings in the Adagio sound quite good.  However, sound sculpture might give the string timbres a bit more "bite."  [I haven't heard the Waltz yet].


    You might want to take a listen to this:



    Start at time index 3:55.  This section lasts about one minute. You can think of it as a "demo."


    You will hear three solo cellos. 


    This is what sound sculpture can do, which is not the same as ordinary instrument imitation that you hear with most software.  It's a rarely used, very complex and highly adjustable feature in Logic.


    I think once you adjust it properly the sounds are more real than what you usually get.


    I have this sequence played so the strings and bows sound almost as if they are literally torn apart, and the friction is maximized.  In  addition, it's deliberately dissonant (or will sound so, to most ears trained in traditional Western Music).


    Let me know what you think.


    (The tuning and the melodic content are East Indian.  This is a kind of three-way cello cadenza).





  • Thank you Jerry. It has been a while since I posted this question and since then I actually got the VSL solo strings.

    Fantastic piece btw, very realistic. I also like the combination of the strings and percussion. Never thought they would go together...

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