Dear Anyone.

I'm after New Age Pad sounds - examples are anything by Karunesh, Medwyn Goodall, Mike Rowland, Deuter, Yellow Brick Cinema (especially them!) et al, they're all over YouTube like a rash. Medwyn and Karunesh are Lead Sound, Rhythm Section and Beeeg Beautiful Pad as jam in sandwich.  Yellow Brick Cinema are Lead Instrument and a Ton of Layered Beautiful Pads.  And I have zero idea whey they get their pads from.  I've got a feeling they're starting off life as presets because I keep hearing different composers (other than the above) useing sounds that seem perilously similar. But presets on What!?!  I keep downloading demos and can't find anything that sounds like their sounds.   so I flat don't know what to buy.  Yet as the sounds are all similar, they must know...  Here's a couple of links so you can hear the kinda sounds I'm after (YouTube links)  That's Yellow Brick Cinema, this one's pad central and I'd LOVE to know what pad has presets like/similar to/tweakable into sounds like that  Karunesh, go to about 3-4 minutes in and you'll hear the Standard Karunesh Pad Sound, he uses it on most of his pieces.  Medwyn Goodall, his pad sounds similar to Karunesh's but he uses/layers others on it in other tracks so I'm wondering if it's the same mysterious synth preset Karunesh uses (on what synth!?!)  Deuter again great backing sounds but I've no idea where he or any of the above are getting them from. 

I KNOW I'm gonna get everyone saying 'But they're so EASY.  There's LOADS of freebie/cheap synths that can do those things...) IF there are, and I get one you tell me to get, can I come back for a little advice on tweaking?  Ghastly-but-true story to finish - heard Gladiator by Tone2 and LOVED it, so I bought it. Great sounds - BUT - you can't midi-control volume/velocity, the thing seems to be EQ proof (How is that possible? Ask Tone2) and I can't even map controllers to it cos it doesn't have MIDI learn and all its CC numbers are non-standard, so Tone2 have told me.  So all these sounds and they're unusable with my DAW, anyway (Quick Score Elite Level 2) 

Why presets? I'll happily own up - I know the theory of sound design, I also know the theory of flying a jet plane, I wouldn't advise you to let me within a mile of either cos my practical technique sucks footballs throiugh a straw.  Would love a bunch of decent presets that are MIDI Controllable/EQ'able (unlike Gladiator) so I can drop 'em in as backing sounds!

Yours hopefullly


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  • Thanks, Chris - another synth. firm I've never heard of  (and I thought I'd Googled pretty well!)

    I'm over there right when I finishe typing this.

    Thanks again - I'll write a toon using them every bit as bad as the one I uploaded here (AARGH!!)

    Yours melodiously


  • Forgot to mention, if you Google around there are other presets available.

    For example:

    I don't know if there's anything actually useful in that freepack, but it was on the first page of the search results.

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