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Best format in which to store a midi file re notation software?

Please could members who shift files between a daw and notation/engraving software give an opinion on what's the best file format.

Seems I can go for a straight midi file (tracks separated) or

MusicXML (that comes with 2 flavours: score-partwise, score-timewise. I have yet to investigate what the difference is).

Unfortunately I haven't chosen a notation software yet. It's difficult as I don't want to have to pay for more than I need, at the same time it has to do all I want. I've no wish to have it generate sounds...possibly a case for proofing the editing.

It has to allow me to space the music out to fit in vocal lines.

Many thanks if you can offer any information.



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Dane, do you know this?

Repaer, note entry in Sibelius style


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