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Dear friends,

It's been a while... My mother is slowly passing away (90 years) with cancer. So I've been busy with caring tasks and supporting her during these days. To distract a bit from this sad occupation, I reworked in detail an earlier mock-up with the simplest tools: 3 VSL instruments, the Vienna Suite convolution (Schubert Saal) and tail reverb. That's all.

This is a sonic pre-study for a new piece (for viola, cello and flute) that comes next.

Beethoven, Serenata Op25, Menuet

Have a good listen!


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Never I would assume, that these are digitally rendered sounds! So natural - very good, Jos!  But I also never had guessed that this is from Beethoven ... sounds more like very early Haydn or so ... I am juast about to present here another piece from Beethoven from 1797 which is quite different :-)

Jos, I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Thoughts and prayers go out to you in dealing with this most difficult time. I recently lost my father. It was a harrowing time.

Most of the time I think simple in a mix is best. I think I read elsewhere that you use Notion? You seem to have been at this for a long time. Your experience in relaying this music in such a historically accurate way deserves much more than a second look and listen. I  enjoyed this ! Hopefully I can learn a thing or two from listening here!

Yes, Timothy, Iv' been a pretty longtime user of Notion. However, this piece was only a mock-up in my DAW, Notion was not involved. (I had a printed original Beethoven score.) When I compose a piece, I always do it with the help of Notion. I prepare a detailed score (almost fit to be performed by a live orchestra). Afterwards, I export every single note and some of the CC's into Studio One (my DAW) where it is elaborate in great detail as to note accuracy, liveliness, acoustics and human performance. I don't put so many effort in the Notion performance, it's only to have a visual presentation of what I'm doing and to print out the score and parts later. I could never work only in a DAW, as many composers do nowadays: I have to see the orchestral parts to work with at one glance... Sometimes I adapt the Notion score to the virtual performance (little corrections, orchestration improvements...).

Thanks again for your interest,


Thank you for this Jos, 

Interesting the way you work. I also use Studio One in addition to other programs. My only use for Notion has been to print  a graphic representation of work in Studio One. It might be fun to transfer a score from one of the masters to mix.

I  heard prior issues concerning the CC control in Notion. I was not under the impression this was a major problem. I'm  a hobbyist composer, so maybe my needs are much less demanding.

Thank you for sharing this!

My sincere condolences to you during this trying time.

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