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    Thanks for replay. Im using waves mercyru analyser. But i don't have a proffesional studio neither equipment ( therefor I'm looking for a sponsor)  - I do everything at home. Speakers i use are Alesis M1 Active 320USB. They good, but obviuesly they not pro either.


    What do you mean by 'treated or not?




  • I use both speakers ROKIT5's and headphones K240's when I'm not alone.  Definetly prefer speakers, no sweaty ears.  But sometimes I need to hear detail, so I put on the ear warmers for that.
  • Maybe it's the patch you don't like.  The bass sounds a little mid rangy to me.  Also, try sidechain compression AKA ducking.  Use the kick as a trigger and send it to a compressor on the bass.  Fine tune the attack and decay of the compressor while you monitor it for best results.

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    Thanks for your replay!


    Did some reaserch in to it after your advice, and event thought I don't have the right compressor right now, i came up with some creazy walk around idea of lowering the velocity of the bass note on every kick. Works preatty well in the new song and I'll implement it in to this one. Thought I don't think I'll be able to have a very deep bass because my monitors are not big enought to play it right and i don't have the £ recources to get good headphones atm but it still sounds better. Thanks a lot!


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  • Sadly, jobs are far and few between.  You should know that living in Scotland Ray.

  • Thanks Ray for your comment that i did 'not bad job' , and overall thanks for comment :)


    I had a day job for 3 and a half years. Was warking in a shop trading second hannd games, dvds and cds. I was so drained by it i almost composed nothing at all. Been sacked for having enough of that place (Worst location of brighton. Had junkies, drunks and beeten up women. Bee threatend but some customers that they will kill me just because wasn't going to make a deal they would wont. Had asbo's running around the shop, throwing metal objects at me) Been looking for a job for a long time. But can't find any! :< There was a point where i just thought to myself, that I'm spending so much time looking for a job and I'm not getting anywhere, so insted i could spend this time writting music! I couldn't claim benefits because i did not bought from British gov a document called workers registration scheme when i was working! So i have no money! Sometimes I'm getting some enquries for websites so I'm getting a little bit founds, but that's really rarly. And usualy have to look for client. So again I rather spend this time composing. But I'm so creative now, I compose almost non stop.

    I had a last interview two weeks ago for web development job, i've been asked about my plans for the future as a additional question after the main intervie. I said i want to build up some founds to buy better equimpent for music production, and eventualy switch carrears and go proffessional with music. And i didn't got the job. They said that although I'm a very strong and skilled candidate, they want someone who wants to have a carrear as web dev.

    In the end 've decided I'll look for sponsor.

  • I'm far from looking for comfy life. Just want to make music. Where i find it that's erelevant to the subject. Idealy i would just want be hired for claborative project.
  • If this is what you want to do, and have a day job then tell them what they want to hear, that you want to be the best "web dev" or whatever.  Share you dreams with friends and family.  Second thought, be careful about that too.  Family can be most difficult.


  • I don't have family... so i guess there wan't be a problem. What i want to do is write and live of music. I'm determinant.



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