According to

One should "Avoid combining similar motion with leaps".

But similar motion requires two different intervals.

So presumably at least one of them must be a leap.

What am I missing here?

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  • That should be read as a guideline. Two big leaps in similar motion would sound awkward. But he does it in his minor key example (bars 6 and 7) unless that's what he's prompting you to change. The only way to change that (counterpoint above) would seem to be move the A up to D (bar 7) which gives a leap, or the F (bar 6) up to the D and have an open octave. 

    I'd be happy writing (in the key of C)



  • Thanks.

    I'm trying to do this as a computer program, so I have to have a specific rule.

    So would it be fine to have the rule "no similar motion where both parts are leaps"?

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