• Update - I've just re-recorded this with much better sound quality.

  • very pretty, delicate, piece.

    lighthearted mood... suggests "happy reflecting" back on stuff.... and feeling contented.

  • Thanks both for listening. On reflection I think 'Daydream' would have suited this piece quite well.

    Lesson learned: stick to Opus #x unless a title has a dead cert name! 

  • This piece is very endearing! It's simplistic, sweet and beautiful. I don't have anything bad to say about it, it is simply a wonderful song!

  • Well the piece certainly takes you from one place to another, and in a way it feels as if it is doing it rather randomly just as a balloon might do, so I think it rather well tells us the story. However I am not sure wether or not I like that the changes are so many and come so quickly, I would perhaps enjoy it even more if it was more minimalistic and dared to stay in one mode for a longer time. Then the meditative qualities that lie beneath would come to life more.

  • I really do love this. But this is right up my alley. Sounds like something that would go great with media (movie music, in particular). I recently discovered a podcast that features unreleased music from Soundcloud. This might be a great place for you to get a larger audience. They play lots of electronica but do play acoustic pieces from time to time, and they seem to be open to all genres. Here's a link to their website:

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