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Here is my latest orchestral work: Balletto dell'Asino (The Donkey's Ballet), a humoresque in classical style, sampled with VSL.

The Balletto was commissioned by my village for the festivities at the occasion of its 900th anniversary in 2023. It should be danced by the local ballet school. Let's hope there are enough funds for such an event to pay the orchestra and the dancing school... My part of the job is finished :).

Enjoy the listen and all comments are welcome.


Balletto dell'Asino

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Very lovely, Jos, with perfect sound, I picture in my mind colourful  dance scenes  in a Renaissance court or village -

I know you have also some works which are composed on a larger scale ... I would like you to present them to us in this forum :-)


Hi Gerd,

Glad to meet you here. Ironically enough the NS-Forum has reopened the very moment that I became a member here and that I invited the NS-friends whose mail addresses I had...

Thanks for your kind comment.

Of course I'm going to post more extensive orchestral work here. We're surrounded in this forum by so many gifted colleagues. Hopefully we can learn a lot from them.

All the best,


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